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Advanced Analytics

Advance Your TV Ad Planning, Buying and Attribution to the Next Level

From audience-based buying to sophisticated multi-touch attribution and marketing mix modeling, gain the cutting-edge data and capabilities you need to modernize your TV advertising.

Exposure Level Ad Data

Integrate TV Ad Data into MTA and Mixed Models

Feed real-time data into your models to measure the impact of TV on cross-channel marketing campaigns, execute advanced customer profiling, improve forecasting, and more.

Gain Confidence in the Data Behind Your Models

iSpot has the largest and most accurate TV ad exposure data feed on the market, leveraging exclusive rights to device-level exposures from the VIZIO footprint.

Data Onboarding & ID Matching Made Easy

Granular TV ad exposure data is pre-mapped to all common industry IDs and fed directly into your in-house or 3rd party system. Or let us manage data for you within the iSpot Query System (iQS).

Bring TV Analytics Up to Speed with Digital

No more looking at TV separately from the rest of the marketing stack with real-time TV ad exposure data integrated into your own MTA and MMM models.

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Custom Analytics

Optimize Media Plans with Predictive Analytics

Not only do marketers need to arrive at conversion rates and lift metrics, but they also need to deeply analyze the data and predict how to increase TV ad effectiveness going forward. Drawing on a massive footprint of TV ad data (refined over nearly a decade of rigorous processes and data science), iSpot’s advanced analytics enable brands to more intelligently plan, buy, and optimize TV.

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