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Offer your TV and streaming advertisers outcome-based media buying, data-driven targeting, and real-time optimizations to ensure ROAS.

Prove and Optimize the Value of Linear and Streaming Inventory

Go from the GRPs of yesterday to the outcome-based, cross-platform measurement of today. Offer TV advertisers real-time conversion metrics, and enable weekly or daily campaign optimizations.

Identify the Right Placements to Drive Outcomes

Get better data-driven insights to place ads in the right genres, programs, dayparts and streaming inventory that will drive conversions.

Make In-Flight Optimizations

Don’t wait for lagging reports to make impactful decisions. Use real-time attention and conversion analytics to optimize clients’ campaigns towards KPIs.

Measure and Benchmark Performance

With comprehensive TV ad data, you can prove your inventory is working to drive outcomes and outperforming benchmarks.

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Best-in-Class Data for Outcome-Based Buying

Every day, brands across every major category use iSpot to measure conversions resulting from TV ad investments. Harness this data to set up successful outcome-based campaigns for your brand clients.

Leverage TV Ad Data at Scale

Benchmarking data based on years of analyzing billions of TV impressions, and hundreds of millions of transactions that happen as a result.

Set KPIs Based on Benchmarks

Negotiate outcome-based guarantees with TV advertiser clients based on robust historical data and category-specific norms.

Predict and Ensure Results

Only iSpot can offer networks a deterministic way to understand performance by category and predict how TV ad investments will drive outcomes for brands.