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Measure the Brand and Business Impact of TV Advertising

From creative assessment to real-time media measurement and business-outcome attribution, iSpot provides the cutting-edge analytics brands need to advance TV advertising and maximize investments.

Ace Metrix Creative Assessment

Capturing consumers’ attention isn’t a given — it has to be earned by delivering high-quality, engaging creative that cuts through the clutter. Leverage rapid, survey-based measurement to inform your creative strategy and development.

Quantitative Metrics

Avoid negative perception and performance by objectively measuring viewers' responses. Pre-test creatives and measure the brand impact of live TV and video campaigns.

Scale & Comparability

Video creative effectiveness should not be measured in a vacuum. Unlock competitive intel and benchmarking with insights on 100K+ creatives from 4.3k+ brands.

Qualitative Insights

Video creative and messaging can be hit or miss. Gain deep visibility into verbatim feedback on your ads that explain the "why" behind creative assessment scores.

Lightning-Fast Turnarounds

Traditional survey-based methods are too cumbersome and too slow. Get rapid creative-assessment insights in 24 hours or less with Ace Metrix.

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Cross-Platform Media Measurement

Rather than guessing on linear and streaming audience reach and waiting weeks for reporting, measure and optimize cross-platform TV ads in real time via an always-on, unified dashboard. It's time to move beyond the traditional TV ad ratings of yesterday and start future-proofing your investments with modern TV ad measurement from iSpot.

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TV Attribution

TV advertising is too big of an investment to fly blind on performance. Gain a true, real-time picture of TV ROAS by measuring the direct impact of TV ads on conversions and sales – down to the specific networks, streaming publishers and creatives that are delivering the highest return.

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Advanced Analytics

iSpot offers custom services for brands with specific TV ad measurement and attribution needs. From customer-data segment onboarding to real-time integrations with DMPs and in-house MTA models, the iSpot platform can accommodate any level of marketing and advertising sophistication.

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The iSpot Unified Measurement platform provided us with important insights into publisher and creative performance and will help inform and maximize the impact of future OTT investments.