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Pre-Market Ad Testing

Avoid Missing the Mark with Pre-Market Creative Testing

Minimize the risk of negative consumer response and improve comprehension, persuasion and media plans for your TV and video ads with early, iterative creative assessment.

Get Fast, Actionable Consumer Insights Before Creatives Launch

Understand how your pre-market video ads resonate with consumers in near real time. Survey-based creative assessment draws on a robust, geo-demographically balanced sample of over 500 respondents with quick turnarounds of 24 hours or less. Access complete data anytime via an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to assess creative impact with benchmarks and target audience filters.

Mitigate Risk and Maximize Effectiveness of Emotional Messaging

Take the guesswork out of emotional video advertising with pre-market creative assessment that measures emotional impact.

Understand Which Emotions Fuel Creative Performance

Pinpoint exactly how consumers feel about an ad, and drill down into specific demographics.

Refine Emotional Impact with Fast Iterative Testing

Maximize in-market effectiveness with emotional measurement at each stage of creative development.

Prevent Poorly Received Messaging

Uncover blindspots or red flags in emotional response before launching a new creative.

Don’t Send Exploitative Messaging

Measure the risks and rewards of communicating purpose-driven messaging with Cultural Perception.

Test Multiple Creative Cuts

Cost-effectively test multiple creative variations at any stage in development — planning, storyboarding, animatic and near-final. Analyze detailed results for every creative in your campaign within days, not weeks.

Develop Results-Driven Creative

Evaluate different lengths, music, voiceover, text, etc., to ultimately produce the most effective video ad.

Super Charge In-Market Performance

Optimize your media plan based on audience-specific creative impact data.

Tailor Insights to Your Creative or Campaign-Specific Needs

Add custom questions to the syndicated survey to fit specific pre-testing research goals while ad results maintain comparability to industry, category, and brand-specific norms. Modify the survey sample based on behavioral, psychographic and demographic parameters to understand performance among highly targeted consumer segments.

Get Robust Benchmarks and Demographic Cuts

The syndicated survey provides the most comparable data set — historically and competitively. Benchmark creative assessment results against any industry, category and brand-specific norm as well as events and ad trends.

Industry-Leading Sample Sizes Allow for Deeper Insight

Filter, sort and analyze results across benchmarks and consumer segments based on specific attributes, such as:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Behaviors
  • Personal experience with a brand
  • Political party affiliation

Uncover Critical Insights Pre-Launch

Uncover blindspots and creative flaws based on consumer response to better inform revisions, cut downs and media rotations.

Avoid Backlash

Quantitative data can reveal adverse consumer reactions while qualitative insights provide specific feedback making it easy to diagnose and fix any issues before launch.

Don’t Get Skipped

Second-by-second trace tracks viewer’s engagement levels and reveals any vulnerability in skippable ad environments to better inform cut downs.

Reduce Wasted Spend

Test different creative versions and lengths to better allocate ad spend and optimize campaign media budgets before going to market.

Leveraging the iSpot Pre-Market Creative Testing has now become standard practice for every new campaign we produce at Coldwell Banker as it not only provides us with valuable consumer insights about our advertising message and imagery before going to market, but it enables us to fine-tune our marketing strategy for optimal results.