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Brand Solutions

Built for Brands to Justify and Optimize TV and Video Ad Investments

Future-proof your TV and video advertising with modern measurement purpose-built for brands to eliminate wasted budget, negative brand perception and unactionable data.

Creative Assessment

Avoid Damaging Your Brand with Untested Video Creative

Missing the mark with messaging is a top fear for CMOs. Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on your gut to produce effective creative. Instead, test video ads with rapid survey-based creative assessment before going to market. Get robust analytics in 24 hours or less during planning and final stages of development, plus in-market insights to identify creative wear.

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Creative Insights Include:


and Sentiment



Consumer Comments

Industry Benchmarks
and More

Unified Measurement

Move Beyond Fragmented TV and Video Ad Measurement

Confidently invest in streaming and linear TV advertising with fast, accurate and actionable cross-platform TV ad measurement.

No More Cobbled Together Reports

Consolidate linear and streaming ad reporting into a comprehensive, real-time view of cross-platform TV ad performance.

Confidently Justify Streaming Spend

Quickly uncover incremental reach and conversions delivered by streaming ads, and performance by individual streaming publishers.

Optimize Cross-Platform Frequency

Avoid over-saturating your audience with too many ads, and manage optimal frequency levels across linear and streaming platforms.

Dive into Demographics

Track your target audience performance with precise demographic breakdowns for cross-platform reach and conversion analytics.

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TV Attribution & Lift

Stop Flying Blind on TV ROAS

Don’t settle for age and gender ratings and lagging post-campaign reports. Attribute TV ad investments to real outcomes in real time.

Yield Results That Matter Most

Connect big-budget TV and video ads to your KPIs to measure and optimize cross-platform ad performance at the speed of digital.

Measure and Drive Incremental Lift

Attribute incremental conversions to media (networks, programs, etc.) with a real-time dashboard and best-in-class data science.

Optimize Creatives for Conversions

Monitor creative wear and test multiple versions in flight. Identify those with highest conversions and rotate out poor performers to drive ROAS.

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With iSpot coming on board and bringing us better data, it really was transformative for our measurement and attribution.
Sarah Welch
Chief Marketing Officer
The iSpot Unified Measurement platform provided us with important insights into publisher and creative performance and will help inform and maximize the impact of future OTT investments.