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TV attribution

Justify and Optimize TV and Streaming Ad Investments

Gain a true picture of ROAS and maximize performance by linking TV and streaming ads directly to website visits, foot traffic and purchases.

TV Conversions

Track and Attribute Conversions from TV and Streaming Ads

Forget spike analysis and slow, post-campaign reporting. With iSpot, TV and streaming ad viewership is tied directly to website visits, sales, app downloads and other activity for real-time, person-level performance tracking.

Analyze Media Performance

Drill into networks/ publishers, shows, dayparts, and frequency levels that deliver the highest conversion rates and sales.

Measure Creative Effectiveness

Continuously monitor how cross-platform TV ad campaigns and specific creatives are driving conversions over periods of time.

Drive Business Outcomes

Maximize creatives and media buys for the highest return on investment with predictive analytics and quick optimizations.

How it works

With iSpot coming on board and bringing us better data, it really was transformative for our measurement and attribution.
Sarah Welch
Chief Marketing Officer

Understand the Impact of TV on Foot Traffic

No matter your KPIs, we can connect the dots. Our person-level TV data, tied to physical location data, brings brands the ability to deterministically measure the impact of TV and streaming ads on store visits.

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Person-Level TV Ad Exposure Data, Physical Location Data

Easily Integrate First-Party Sales Data

Close the loop on ROAS reporting in a matter of days vs weeks with real-time purchase attribution. iSpot has the flexibility to ingest client sales data from virtually any source (POS, Neustar, IRI, etc.).

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Incremental Lift

Easily Calculate and Drive Incremental Lift

Some consumers will never buy from a brand, while others will buy no matter what. iSpot helps TV advertisers get the most out of their investments by finding consumers they can influence to take action.

Measure Causal TV Ad Impact

Just looking at conversions is not enough. Measure incremental lift in conversions caused by your TV and streaming advertising.

Maximize Media Plans & ROAS

Don’t settle for constantly running ads on top-rated networks. Identify the right media buys that will drive the most value for your brand.

Convert More Net-New Customers

Continually hone in on the right media variables (networks, CTV publishers, dayparts, etc.) that will drive incremental lift in conversions.

Learn More About Incremental Lift

Just knowing that a viewer saw our TV ad and came to our site didn’t cut it. We wanted to know what would have happened had that same viewer not seen our ad. This insight enabled us to assess the incremental value of TV across networks.
The iSpot Unified Measurement platform provided us with important insights into publisher and creative performance and will help inform and maximize the impact of future OTT investments.