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Streaming Measurement

Gain Deep and Immediate Insight Into Streaming Media Reach and Performance

Avoid Excess Frequency, Wasted Spend and Limited Transparency in CTV Advertising

While ad investments and eyeballs shift to streaming, the complexity of the digital media landscape makes measuring ad effectiveness more difficult than ever. Agencies and brands lack transparency into true CTV reach. Streaming ads on turned-off TVs result in a $1 billion annual loss in ad revenue, highlighting the critical need for better streaming insights that legacy measurement fails to provide.

Advertisers need answers to critical streaming questions. Are ad impressions duplicated on linear and streaming? Was an ad delivered to a TV that was off? Who saw the ad? Answers to these questions can unlock huge efficiencies for advertisers.

Overcome CTV Media Challenges With iSpot Streaming Measurement

iSpot Streaming Measurement helps brands and agencies reduce wasted CTV ad spend, reach target audiences more effectively, and avoid excessive ad frequency. Streaming Measurement addresses three market challenges:

On-Target Delivery

Was Your Ad Delivered to Your Target Audience?

Understand whether your ad was delivered to your target audience with person-level granularity, including co-viewing.


Are You Reaching Unique Audiences Through CTV Publishers?

Chances are, the same ads are streamed over and over across many publishers, resulting in viewer oversaturation and advertiser missed opportunity.


Are They Really Still Watching?

Impression counts often include unverified impressions not seen by viewers when served through HDMI-attached devices to TVs that are off.

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Fine-Tune Ad Delivery And Boost Campaign Efficiency

Streaming Measurement is the ultimate solution for streaming advertisers looking to fine-tune ad delivery. Get a holistic view of streaming advertising, bringing a broad range of performance metrics into a single dashboard to understand unique streaming audience reach, on-target delivery, deduplication against linear and verified ad delivery.

On-Target Delivery

Assess ad effectiveness in reaching specific target groups using on-target rate, target impressions, co-view rate and streaming reach to enhance message relevance.


Avoid duplicating reach on linear and streaming and maximize ad spend by measuring unique CTV impressions


Reduce ad waste by detecting unverified impressions logged from TVs that are off with CTV Verification detection.

Publishers Gain With True Audience and Quality Reinforcement


Streaming Measurement brings critical streaming ad performance metrics into a single dashboard, helping advertisers quickly measure true audience reach, on-target delivery and deduplication against linear. Publishers gain clear visibility into the streaming metrics that help demonstrate audience reach with trusted and transparent data aiding advertisers in fine-tuning ad delivery.

Publishers with Streaming Measurement:

Demonstrate the breadth of audience reach to attract advertisers and drive premium inventory

Showcase streaming's unique reach over linear to drive demand and differentiation

Gain with deduplication metrics that help accurately segment audiences to create more targeted campaigns

Capture additional viewers with co-viewing, enabling a measurement of the true audience consuming content

In a single dashboard publishers can

  • Quickly understand unique reach
  • Gain transparency into their ecosystem to find and fix ghost impression hotspots
  • Quickly eliminate waste by understanding if ads deliver to TVs that are off

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