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Exposure-Level Ad Data

Complete Your Marketing Models with Device-Level TV Ad Exposure Data

Prove the Cross-Channel Impact of TV Advertising Investments

Are you ready to take your TV ad measurement to the next level? Incorporate powerful, device-level TV ad exposure data into your marketing models to truly understand cross-channel marketing performance. Learn which ads are performing with your target audience and calibrate your media in real time.

Audience Insights

Combine 1st and 3rd party demographic data to understand the profiles of the individuals you’re reaching on TV.

Attribution Analysis

Understand how TV-driven traffic differs from other channels and measure the results.

Device-Level TV Ad Measurement Tailored to Your Needs

iSpot provides the only TV ad measurement data feed that combines all TV ad airings with verified impressions and household-level exposure rates generated persistently in real time. The TV ad exposure feed provides the same granular data set upon which iSpot’s own products are built and includes 40 critical linear and streaming TV ad metrics, including impressions, interruption rates and conversions.

Make your TV ad budget go farther and drive more business by understanding which ads and spots are performing (or flopping) with your target audience in real time, and quickly calibrate to optimize performance.


A holistic view of marketing activity and performance across channels is the marketer's holy grail. However, TV data has historically lagged behind data from digital channels. With real-time TV ad measurement data from iSpot fueling your custom attribution models, you get actionable insights at the speed of digital.


Eliminate ad impressions that are duplicated or generated by blacklisted devices while adding impressions missed by Inscape detections. iSpot provides a truth set for correcting many of the inherent deficiencies with raw Smart TV exposure data, providing you with the most accurate viewership data in the marketplace.


iSpot’s device-level data is based on a fully opted-in panel anchored on household IP address, no cookies needed. We can also manage all of this data on your behalf within the iSpot Query System (iQS), our privacy-safe cloud storage environment built specifically so marketers and data science teams can easily query and analyze large TV datasets.

With iSpot coming on board and bringing us better data, it really was transformative for our measurement and attribution.
Sarah Welch
Chief Marketing Officer