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Attention Analytics

Monitor Creative Wear and Optimize TV Advertising

TV Ad Attention Is Hard To Get, and Even Harder to Track

When viewers dislike or grow tired of a campaign, their behavior will show it - they will change channels or pull up the guide in the middle of the ad. These actions are clear indicators of negative sentiment and audience fatigue, which if not addressed, can result in poor brand perception and lost sales.

You need an edge to get today’s viewers to watch and respond to your TV ads. Attention Analytics help ensure your message is always fresh and relevant by understanding how viewers are consuming your creative.

Ensure Your Message Gets Across

Producing TV ad creative takes a ton of time and capital. Use second-by-second attention analytics to ensure viewers are taking in your message and make in-flight optimizations to drive better results.

Optimize Creative Performance

Don’t let stale creative eat away at your media budget. Gain a real-time understanding of an ad’s impact and effectiveness so you can maximize the longevity of your creative without oversaturating your audience.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Utilize Interruption Rate and Creative Wear metrics to better strategize media buys. Identify if consumers are paying less or more attention to competitors’ ads compared to yours.

Capture Viewers’ Real-Time Reactions

The key to precise attention measurement is to begin the calculation at the most granular level possible: the airing level. When a creative runs on a screen within our smart TV population, ACR (automatic content recognition) technology is used to determine what the viewers are watching and whether or not they dropped out during the ad. Attention Analytics contain multiple metrics that brands can use to analyze creative resonance.

Interruption Rate

Understand when viewers are changing channels, fast forwarding, turning off the TV or otherwise interrupting your ad.

Interruption Norm

Measure the historical Interruption Rate for similar ad placements, taking into account network, program, and daypart combinations.

Attention Index

Compare your ad’s actual Interruption Rate against the expected rate for the specific media placement.

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